Quick-Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the right temperature for a sauna?

It mostly depends on personal preference, but is typically between 140-180 degrees Fahrenheit for traditional saunas and 120-140 for Infra saunas.

How long should I be in a sauna?

Common sense is key. Typically, people like to stay in the sauna for 10 to 15 minutes, step out cool off, return to the sauna for another session and repeat. Always remember that if you don’t feel comfortable leave the sauna and cool off.

What should I do after my sauna?

Take a cool shower, it will close your pores and leave you feeling refreshed, but don't forget to moisturize your hair and skin with a quick shampoo and a lotion rubdown. Also it is important to drink water, mineral water, fruit or vegetable juice to replace lost fluids.

Can I pour water on the rocks?

Yes, absolutely. Not only is it okay, it is an essential part of the Finnish sauna tradition and experience. You can mix small amounts of essence in the water bucket, never pour directly on heater.

What if I have health concerns?

Remember to consult with your physician if you have a history of heart problems or other health issues.

What is the best benefit?

Hands down it is relaxation and detoxification.

How much does it cost to operate a sauna?

A small two person sauna 4x4 with a 1.7kw heater cost 24 cents to operate per hour, and a two person 1600 watt infrared sauna cost 26 cents to operate per hour. A large commercial sized sauna can cost 72 cents per hour to operate.

Do I need 240 volts or is 120volt enough?

120 volts is all you need for a small sauna, however 240volt will heat up faster and is more economical in energy consumption.

Do I need an Exhaust fan?

An exhaust fan is not required but it will help in the adjacent room to remove heat.

Is a Drain required?

A drain is not a code requirement but it makes it easier to clean the floor and also helpful in the event someone accidentally knocks the bucket of water over.

Where can I install a sauna?

A sauna typically is installed in a home gym, master bath, pool house, extra bedroom, basement, outdoor patio or deck. The locations are limitless.

Is it easy to operate?

Yes. Controls next to door time and temp control easy to understand or located on heater unit inside sauna make it both convenient and simple to operate.