• Precut sauna packages and wall and ceiling framing and insulation.
  • Prefabricated modular saunas for interior installation.
  • Sauna heaters and accessories.
  • Sauna doors.


  • Section 03300 - Cast-In-Place Concrete: Flooring substrate.
  • Section 06100 - Rough Carpentry: Framing of walls and ceilings.
  • Section 07210 - Building Insulation: Insulation of walls and ceilings.
  • Section 09300 - Tile.
  • Section 09650 - Resilient Flooring.
  • Section 15150 - Sanitary Waste and Vent Piping: Floor drains.
  • Section 16155 - Wiring Methods: Electrical service wiring.


  • Submit under provisions of Section 01300.
  • Manufacturer's descriptive literature for saunas and components specified in this section.
  • Shop Drawings: Plan and elevations of sauna design, indicating construction details. Include electrical rough-in and wiring requirements, including pre-installation and final hookup.
  • Samples: Two samples, minimum size 9 inches (200 mm) square, accurately representing appearance of wall panels.
  • Installation Instructions: Manufacturer's printed installation instructions for sauna, benches, and accessories.
  • Operation and Maintenance Data: Sauna enclosure, heater, and control/monitoring equipment.
  • Warranty Documents: Issued and executed by manufacturer.


  • Store products of this section in manufacturer's unopened packaging until installation.
  • Maintain dry, heated storage area for products of this section until installation of products.


  • Provide manufacturer's standard one year warranty on heaters, controls, room materials and workmanship when installed according to manufacturer's specifications and wiring information.



  • Acceptable Manufacturer: Nordic Sauna, which is located at: 14831 Bessemer Street; Van Nuys CA 91411; Toll Free Tel: 800-582-1517; Tel: 818.787.4701; Email: request info (; Web:
  • Substitutions: Tylo AB, Finnish Sauna
  • Provide all saunas and accessories from a single manufacturer. Requests for substitutions not permitted.


  • Sauna Custom Cut: Precut sauna package and related framing and finishing as required to complete sauna installation and as indicated on Drawings.
    1. Size: To fit field dimensions inside of framing of wood framing or wood Furring strips over steel studs or drywall.
    2. Size: As indicated on Drawings.
    3. Wall and Ceiling Framing: Specified in Section 06100.
    4. Wall and Ceiling Insulation: min R-13 in walls and R-19-R-30in ceiling.
    5. Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish: Western Red Cedar, clear grade board paneling 5/8” inch by 3- ¼” inch (15 mm by 83 mm) size.
    6. Assembled benches, clear VG S4S kiln dried 2 inch (38 mm) by 2 inch (25 mm) tops with 3/8” inch (10 mm) spacing, and 1- ½” inch (38 mm) by 3- ½” inch (90 mm) facing.
    7. Pre-hung door 32 inches (812 mm) wide by 6 feet 8 inches (2032 mm) high (interior casing only).
    8. Assembled heater guard.
    9. Assembled headrest/backrest for upper benches.
    10. Trim and casing.
    11. Sauna Mat sufficient quantity for walking area.
    12. Nordic Sauna heater.
    13. Peridotite stones.
    14. Control/contactor panel if required by heater.
    15. Wall-mounted, vapor-proof light.
    16. Two sets of vents for installation in upper and lower wall areas.
    17. Accessories including Deluxe thermometer, wooden bucket w/ liner 1 gal, wooden ladle 14”, and warning signs.
    18. Type C Aluminum vapor barrier foil.
    19. Stainless steel ¼” crown staples 1- 1/8”.
  • Flooring: "Sauna Mat" 12 by 12 inch (30 mm by 30 mm) flooring squares for walking areas over concrete, tile, or vinyl; removable, washable, sanitary, non-skid, synthetic material.
    1. Color: Terra cotta.
    2. Color: Tan.
    3. Doors and Frames:
    4. Door Type: Pre-hung for Custom cut sauna room.
    5. Door Rails: Solid wood laminated on both faces with vertical grain Douglas fir veneer.
    6. Casing, Jamb, and Threshold: Hemlock.
    7. Door Size: 2 feet wide by 6 feet 8 inches (610 by 2032 mm).
    8. Door Size: 3 feet wide by 6 feet 8 inches (915 by 2032 mm).
    9. Door swing, as viewed from outside sauna, out swinging: hinged left side or hinged right please specify on plans.
    10. Glass: Hermetically-sealed double glass, tempered.
      • Clear.
      • Clear, Triple pane optional.
    11. Hinges: Three 4 inch (102 mm) by 4 inch (102 mm) butts.
    12. Ball Catch: Roller latch non-locking.
    13. Door Pulls: Two wood pulls each door custom cut.
  • Sauna Heater: Nordic Deluxe; wall mounted with SC type controls; for room size up to 425 cu ft (12 cu m); residential or light commercial use only.
    1. Electrical Characteristics: 240 VAC single phase.
      • 208volt 3-phase available special order.
    2. Size: 16 inches (406 mm) wide, 11 inches (279 mm) deep, 24 inches (610 mm) high.
    3. Capacity: As recommended by manufacturer for room volume.
    4. Controls: 60 minute timer.
    5. Construction: Three-wall metal construction, stainless steel heating elements, 50 pounds (23 kg) stones, direct rock contact with heating elements, free air flow.
    6. Surfaces: Stainless steel interior and top, and stainless steel exterior.
    7. Surfaces: Top Cast Aluminum heat deflector.
    8. UL tested and listed.
  • Sauna Heater: Nordic Commercial; floor mounted with exterior wall mounted controls; for room size from 300 to 1050 cu ft (8.5 to 30 cu m).
    1. Electrical Characteristics: 240 VAC single phase.
    2. Electrical Characteristics: 208 VAC three phase.
    3. Size: 20 inches (508 mm) wide, 20 inches (508 mm) deep, 27 inches (690 mm) high.
    4. Capacity: As recommended by manufacturer for room volume.
    5. Controls: Thermostat, 60-minute timer, light switch, indicator light, and Relay Box recommended by manufacturer.
    6. Construction: Deluxe chrome, stainless steel interior and exterior; triple-wall pressed metal construction, stainless steel heating elements, 100 pounds (46 kg) stones, direct rock contact with heating elements, free air flow.
    7. UL tested and listed.
  • Sauna Heater: Tylo Sauna Deluxe; wall mounted with separate controls and protective fence; for room volume from 300 to 950 cu ft (8 to 30 cu m), 30 pounds of stones (15kg)
    1. Electrical Characteristics: 240 VAC, single phase or 3phase.
    2. Electrical Characteristics: 208 VAC, Three phase.
    3. Size: 7-8kw models: 18 inches (457 mm) wide, 13 inches (330 mm) deep, 23 inches (585 mm) high.
    4. Size: 11-16kw models: 26 inches (660mm) wide,16 inches (405mm) deep, 23 inches (585mm) high.
    5. Capacity: As recommended by manufacturer for room volume.
    6. Construction: Stainless steel interior and top, low temp flocking exterior; triple wall metal construction, stainless steel heating elements, direct rock contact with heating elements, twin free air flow side chambers.
    7. ETL tested and listed.
  • Heater Stones: Finnish peridotite, heat tested.
  • Heater Fence: S4S, kiln-dried clear vertical grain Western Red Cedar, 1x4 (16 by 90 mm).
  • Benches: S4S, kiln-dried clear vertical grain Western Red Cedar, 1- ½” by 1” (38 by 25 mm) tops with 3/8 inch (10 mm) nominal spacing; eased edges to eliminate sharp angles.
    1. Facings: 2 by 4 (38 by 90 mm) Western Red Cedar; eased edges.
    2. Trim: Wood species to match room paneling.
    3. Fastening: From bottom without exposed metal.
  • Head/Back Rests: For upper benches, tapered 16 by 20 inches (406 by 508 mm).
  • Fasteners: Galvanized; countersunk and covered by wood plug.
  • Vents: 3- ½” by 6 inches (90 by 150 mm).
    1. Lower: Provided for lower wall location.
    2. Upper: Provided for upper wall location adjustable.
  • Light: Vapor-proof, wall-mounted, Progress P5511, satin finish cast aluminum, 75 watts.




  • Verify that utility services are of correct type and in correct locations.
  • Verify that construction activities affecting work of this section are correct and complete.
  • Examine conditions under which work of this section is to be performed.
    1. Submit written notification if such conditions are unacceptable.
    2. Transmit two copies of installer's report to Architect within 24 hours of receipt.
    3. Beginning work of this section before unacceptable conditions have been corrected is prohibited.
    4. Beginning construction activities of this section indicates installer's acceptance of conditions.


  • Install saunas and accessories in accordance with shop drawings and manufacturer's printed installation instructions.
  • Connection of heater, lighting, and control/monitoring equipment, to electrical service is specified in Section 16155.


  • Clean soiled surfaces in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.


  • Protect sauna and components from damage to finishes and operation until Substantial Completion.